Winter Biodiesel

Some of you may have noticed a couple weeks ago that we sent out a cold weather advisory for the Puget Sound region.  The forecasted temperature that weekend was 16 degrees which was below most biodiesels gelling point.  Fortunately we have not had anymore cold snaps like that but its important to know what to do if the temperature drops.  Right now the Biodiesel B99 sold here at Dr Dans is rated at 25 degrees, which means that it will start to gel when the forecasted 24 hour average temperature drops below 25.  if that happens you need to take steps to winterize the fuel.  In the Seattle area we normally don’t see those kinds of low temps, and as of today, 12/19, there is no such weather forecasted that would require further winterizing.  However, always be sure to check the forecast in your area, or areas you may be traveling, Eastern WA, or Canada for instance.  If you plan on visiting a colder climate or if your vehicle will be sitting unused for an extended period, consider blending some clean, filtered (to 10 microns or lower) diesel into your fuel tank. We also recommend that you use a product like Power Service’s Diesel 911 ARCTIC FORMULA.  To see your local conditions and forecast we recommend the National Weather Service website.  

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