Spring Maintenance Special


We want to help keep your Biodiesel car running for as long as possible!  We provide expert, biodiesel-friendly auto repair and service for TDI’s and all diesels from Benzes, Volvos, and older VWs to Jeeps, Sprinters, and Powerstrokes.

Regular Maintenance Saves $$$!:
Keeping you car running indefinitely can be as simple as using the correct oil and filters with regular maintenance intervals.  We also have an eye for problems that often pop up as your vehicle ages.  You can’t buy new cars that run on B100 as well as these older models many of our customers drive.
The onset of symptoms of these problems is often gradual, so they can sneak up on you. When you are driving the car every day it is difficult to notice subtle changes in its operation. It is important to pay attention and have the car checked out occasionally in order to keep your TDI happy and avoid big repair bills. If you catch these issues early on when they first arise, the repairs are quick and cheap – but if you let them go too long, they can cause damage to other components and then the repairs start to get expensive. Decreased power, hard starts, decreased fuel economy, and check engine lights are all indicators of  potential problems that the longer you wait, the worse it will get.
Spring Maintenance Special!
It’s as good a time as any to get you car checked out after another winter of extreme conditions.  With the warmer weather on the way it may also be time to check your cooling system, or even replace your pollen filter.  We’ll change your oil, check filters and fluid levels, and even rotate the tires if its time.  When was the last time your fuel filter was changed?  We can take care of that.
Do you need a new timing belt?  A proper timing belt replacement on a TDI involves more than just changing the timing belt. In addition to the belt itself, the belt tensioner roller, all idler rollers, the water pump, and the serpentine belt should be replaced, as well as a handful of seals and hardware bits. Installing the new belt correctly is a complex task that involves a large number of special tools and procedures, including a computerized injection timing adjustment. Cutting corners on any of these steps can result in the car running poorly, having difficulty starting, getting worse mileage, or in extreme cases experiencing internal engine damage.
Have a great Spring and thanks for supporting sustainable biodiesel!

 FOR TDIs: Get an OIL CHANGE OR a FUEL FILTER, plus a full vehicle inspection for only $99.  For other makes and models please inquire.  Thanks


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