Winter Weather advice

After some brief downtime for maintenance, our 24/7 credit card pump is open again.
 Hey It’s cold out!! Our Biodiesel is good down to the mid 20’s, so take precautions when the temperatures get below freezing. In a car that gets out running around, is not parked in a super cold spot and gets some sun during the day you should be fine. Trucks tend to be more temp sensitive because of exposed and unheated fuel components. When in doubt add some high quality filtered diesel and add some cold weather additive to the diesel.

Where do you get high quality filtered diesel? A high volume retailer like a truck stop! Unless you can see a big filter on the side of the pump where the hose comes out it is more than likely to be insufficiently filtered, allowing the possibility of getting contamination such as dirt, water and sludge into your fuel system and potentially plugging your fuel filter. The small fuel filter on your vehicle filters between 2 to 10 microns – so the fuel that you buy should be filtered to at least 10 microns or less. There are truck stops near the port and highways, such as in the Sodo. Auto part stores sell Diesel fuel additives, you want one that says Antigel or cold weather additive. I like the Stanadyne or PowerService brands

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