Auto Repair

Expert Diesel Repair and Maintenance

Is your Volkswagen TDI not as peppy as it should be? Check engine light on in your CRD Liberty? When was the last time you had a valve adjustment on your diesel Mercedes or a timing belt replacement on your diesel Volvo? Dr. Dan’s provides complete diesel auto repair, specializing in TDI’s and older Volvo/VW/Audi and Mercedes diesels, as well as Sprinter vans, CRD Jeeps, and, when we have space, the occasional Cummins or Powerstroke truck.

Diesels are Different

Diesels are unique from gasoline vehicles and require a specific set of skills, knowledge and equipment for all but the most basic repairs. Because diesels comprise a very small percentage of vehicles on American roads, few independent shops are able to offer the levels of specialization and particular expertise necessary for diesel work, while dealership service departments are costly and often no more competent with getting a diesel fixed correctly. One of the hardships of owning a diesel can be the difficulty of finding a mechanic who has the ability to give your vehicle the care it needs, let alone one who can also earn your trust and keep an eye on your bottom line. Fortunately, if you are a diesel owner in the Seattle area, that is a problem that you will not have!

Dr. Dan’s offers years of experience with diesel diagnosis and repair, along with the proper special tools, OEM-quality parts, and specialized knowledge that are essential for high-level TDI and diesel service. Whether it’s a timing belt replacement, check engine light, low power diagnosis, or just a routine oil change, we can keep your diesel car or truck on the road and running efficiently, smoothly, and reliably while delivering the highest standards of workmanship and quality — without charging dealership prices.

Some examples of work we perform:

Volkswagen TDI (all years and models 1996-2011; 1Z/AHU/ALH/BEW/BHW/BRM/CBEA/CJAA engines)

  • Timing belts (always includes new tensioner, idlers, metal impeller water pump, serpentine belt(s), G12 coolant, any hardware/seals as applicable, and cam and injection timing set using factory-approved procedure and appropriate special tools and computerized equipment. ALH cars receive HD long-life TB components that upgrade interval to 100k miles. Click here to learn more about TDI timing belt intervals.)
  • DSG transmission service (2004-2006 New Beetles and 2005.5-2012 Jettas and Golfs w/automatic trans; due every 40k!)
  • Injection pump repairs
  • PD cam and lifter repairs
  • Clutch replacements (always includes new single-mass flywheel and clutch conversion; upgrade options available)
  • Intake manifold cleaning
  • Alternator clutch pulley replacement (in-vehicle)
  • Cooling system and radiator fan diagnosis and repairs
  • Driveability diagnosis and troubleshooting (low power, limp mode, check engine lights, VNT and vacuum system, fuel system, electrical, etc)
  • Performance upgrades and modifications: injector upgrades, chiptuning, turbo upgrades, lift pump or Canadian fuel pickup installation, skidplates, suspension, and more
  • All basic maintenance — oil changes, brakes, filter replacements, 20/40/60/80k services — at competitive prices.
  • Buyer’s inspections
  • And more… If you are looking for something you don’t see here, just call and ask.

Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter

  • Glow plug system fault repair
  • Automatic transmission service and rumble strip noise fix
  • Routine maintenance, fault diagnosis, etc
  • Equipped with OEM-capable diagnostics for Sprinters

Jeep Liberty CRD

  • Air intake and EGR system fault repair (intake pressure sensors, EGR valve, FCV failures)
  • CAC hose replacement/upgrades
  • Alternator clutch pulley replacement
  • Timing belts

Volvo 200/700-series Diesels and older VW/Audi diesels (1977-1992)

  • Timing belt replacement (always includes water pump, tensioner, and/or idler as applicable, injection and cam timing set with proper special tools)
  • Injection pump repairs
  • Glow plug system repairs and upgrades
  • Injector refurbishment and performance upgrades
  • Engine repairs/rebuilding
  • Buyers inspections
  • And more…

Mercedes Diesels, 1960s through present

  • Basic maintenance, valve adjustments on older OM61x models, etc
  • Delivery valve seal replacement on OM60x engine family vehicles
  • Tune-ups for restoration of performance: throttle linkage repairs, LDA adjustment and cleaning, etc

One-offs, uncommon vehicles, modifications

Have a rare or older diesel vehicle that needs service? We have experience working on nearly every type of diesel, no matter how rare — from TDI Vanagon conversions, to old Peugeots, to International Scouts and older Mazda/Datsun/Isuzu/Toyota cars and trucks, to foreign-market BMW diesels and diesel Land Cruisers… even a right hand drive diesel-powered British London Taxi. If it has a diesel engine under the hood, chances are we know how to fix it (or at least will be able to figure it out). If you have an oddball vehicle you want to bring in, call us to discuss beforehand as we may need to budget additional time for gathering hard-to-find parts, tools, or information.

Service appointments

Want to set up a time to bring your car in? Service is by appointment; call us at 206-783-5728 to get on the schedule! (Yes, we will work on your diesel even if it does not have biodiesel in the tank.) We try to maintain a personal relationship with each of our customers and their vehicles, so if you are a new customer, coming in for an initial look-over and check-up is a good way for us to get acquainted with you and your car and get a baseline on where it sits.

We look forward to serving you and your diesel’s needs. Thanks!