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An Easy Way to Green Your Home

Whether you’re considering options for next season or just need a refill to stay warm during the winter, biodiesel is a convenient and sustainable way to heat your home. Dr. Dan’s has been providing biodiesel for home heating for years.

Let us keep your home warm this winter!

Biodiesel is a safe, domestic, and sustainable fuel that works in your oil burning furnace. Dr. Dan’s can deliver biodiesel to your home in quantities of 100 gallons or more.
Biodiesel can be blended with the heating oil already in your tank in any ratio.

When you begin using biodiesel, schedule your annual servicing so that your furnace is running optimally for biodiesel. Also, just like in your vehicle, biodiesel will clean out any deposits in your fuel system and move them into your filter. Be sure to have a spare filter on hand and know how to change it.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about using biodiesel in your furnace. We can also recommend biodiesel-friendly furnace maintenance companies in the area.

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