Sustainable Fuel Co-op Kickoff Event

As you may or may not be aware, a group of loyal Dr. Dan’s customers and others in the community generally concerned with sustainability have formed the Sustainable Fuel Co-op in an effort to keep Dr. Dan’s Biodiesel business running and offering the most sustainable fuel from the nearest reliable source possible.

This process has been, at times, slow and difficult, and it has truly been a “grass-roots” effort of people who have given their time to help get this idea off the ground.  But we are happy to announce that we are prepared to offer memberships to people looking to help build this exciting new business from  the ground up along with us!

SFC Fundraiser and Membership Drive

On Sunday afternoon, February 20th, from 1:00 to 5:00 at Agua Verde Cafe, the new Sustainable Fuel Co-operative, Seattle, will be hosting its inaugural membership sign-up and fundraiser. Formerly Dr. Dan’s Biodiesel, the Co-op was formed as a means of keeping sustainable biodiesel available to Seattle customers while better serving the community, and promoting the transition to a green future. If you have been a Dr. Dan’s customer, have a biodiesel vehicle, or are interested in switching from gasoline to cleaner, environmentally responsible fuel, come and get involved. There will be information, food, beer, free music, custom cars, and more. Agua Verde is located at 1303 NE Boat Street, west of the UW Medical Center and at the bottom of 15th Ave. NW on the water.

What will be your contribution to a greener future? Thousands of responsible car owners have switched to biodiesel from petroleum diesel or gasoline. While alternative fuels offer a mixed blessing for the environment, some fuels are more sustainable than others. For nearly two decades, biodiesel from local sources, either recycled oil or regional seed crops, has been available to Seattle customers through Dr. Dan’s Biodiesel in Ballard. Dr. Dan’s loyal customer base has now formed the Sustainable Fuel Cooperative, Seattle, to assure a more constant source of high-quality, sustainable biodiesel. The Co-op will provide jobs and a democratic, truly co-operative framework for marketing alternative fuel and will help educate the public about energy issues.

Any diesel engine can run on biodiesel, which is simply oil from biological sources, such as seeds, animal fat, or recycled cooking oil. Only minor modifications are required for most diesel engines to use this alternative energy source. Compared with petroleum, it burns more cleanly, is better for the engine, is non-toxic and non-flammable, and can be locally obtained. Although not as green as riding your bicycle or the bus, using biodiesel in your car is a big step away from dependence on foreign petroleum and an easy step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. The Co-op’s fuel sources are exclusively from the Northwest, including a farmer grain co-op in eastern Washington that produces biodiesel oil and high protein animal feed from camelina, which is also a soil-building rotation crop that helps maintain farmland for wheat production. How green is that? Joining the Co-op is the high road on your drive to sustainability, reducing your environmental impact and promoting the local economy in many ways. Come to the membership event to keep it up or to get started on your petroleum-free ride!

To contact the Co-op or for more information:
ph (206) 659-8530

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3 Responses to Sustainable Fuel Co-op Kickoff Event

  1. jon lange says:

    Thanks for your work and persistence, looking forward to the event.

  2. Julian says:

    Cheers Doc.

    Greeting from Mexico City and a huge fan of Biodiesel.

    In a 1998 beetle the higer flash point of B99 what effect can produce? It will make the life of the engine shorter?

    Thanks a million.

    Massive fan of your work.


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